Humber River Regional Hospital

Dr. Laz Klein 
Division Head, General Surgery
Humber River Regional Hospital, Toronto
Dr. Laz KleinThe Humber River regional hospital is set up on 2 sites, the Church Street site and Finch Avenue site. It is affiliated with the University of Toronto. These are community based hospitals and the main focus is on general surgery problems including breast cancer, hernias, gallbladder disease, colon cancer, gastric cancer, head and neck including thyroid, vascular surgery and bariatric surgery. Most of the general surgery procedures are done laparoscopically with 9 general surgeons and one vascular surgeon on staff at the 2 sites.

The Humber River regional hospital has been designated by the Ministry of Health as a Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery. The Humber River regional hospital is part of the University of Toronto cooperative bariatric program and performs over 400 laparoscopic gastric bypasses every year. It is part of the University of Toronto MIS Fellowship program and accepts fellows, medical students and general surgery residents.

There is a very busy emergency room and outpatient clinic department. There is a very active gastro-enterology group which results in large volumes of gastrointestinal cancers that are referred to general surgeons. The Humber River regional hospital has one of the highest volumes of colon cancer surgery in the province. Most of the colon cancer surgery is performed laparoscopically.

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