Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Shady Ashamalla, MD
Division Head, General Surgery
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto
Dr. S. AshamallaThe Division of General Surgery at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is comprised of 17 surgeons. Broadly, these surgeons focus on the three main areas of Surgical Oncology, Trauma surgery and Acute Care surgery.

Our Surgical Oncology team works in close concert with multidisciplinary teams at the Odette Cancer Centre. Drs Claire Holloway, Frances Wright and Nicole Look-Hong provide expert care in Breast cancer surgery as well as melanoma surgery. They have wide ranging clinical and research interest aimed at furthering the quality of care for these diseases. Drs Sherif Hanna, Calvin Law, Natalie Coburn and Paul Karanicolas lead the multidisciplinary program in Hepatobiliary cancer. They are one of only six Cancer Care Ontario accredited HPB centres of excellence in the province of Ontario. In addition to wide ranging clinical expertise, they also have internationally recognized presence in health services research related to hepatobiliary cancer. Drs Ted Ross, Andy Smith, Darlene Fenech and Shady Ashamalla comprise the Colorectal cancer surgeons that work in concert with the gastrointestinal multidisciplinary team at the Odette Cancer Centre. These surgeons have interest in the complete spectrum of colorectal malignancy including primary disease as well as complex locally advanced disease and locally recurrent cancer. This group has a leadership role in education at all levels and also in continuing education in the development of quality improvement throughout the province of Ontario in the area of colorectal cancer.

The Trauma Centre at Sunnybrook is the largest comprehensive trauma centre in Canada. Drs Fred Brenneman, Homer Tien, Peter Chu, Sandro Rizoli, Lorraine Tremblay and Avery Nathens comprise the general surgical team at the core of the trauma unit. In addition to managing in excess of 1200 traumas team activations per year,this group of surgeons also leads the multidisciplinary trauma team as Trauma Team Leaders and in other facets of multidisciplinary trauma care at Sunnybrook.

Both our Surgical Oncology and Trauma teams are significantly involved in research as well as education at all levels including specialized Fellowship programs in Oncology and Trauma.

In addition the focus on cancer and trauma, Sunnybrook is home to a very large and busy emergency department. To compliment this activity, the Division of General Surgery provides a focused Acute Care Surgery Service (ACCESS) to quickly and safely deal with surgical problems presenting through the emergency room. This service is noted for its implementation of pathways to expedite safe and effective care for patients presenting with emergent surgical conditions. 

Shady Ashamalla, Asst. Prof.
Fred Brenneman, Assoc. Prof.
Peter Chu, Assoc. Prof.
Natalie Coburn, Assoc. Prof.
Darlene Fenech, Asst. Prof.
Barbara Haas, Asst. Prof.

Julie Hallet, Asst. Prof.
Sherif Hanna, Assoc. Prof.
Claire Holloway, Assoc. Prof.
Paul Karanicolas, Asst. Prof.
Calvin Law, Assoc. Prof.
Nicole Look Hong, Asst. Prof.
Avery Nathens, Prof.
Ted Ross, Assoc. Prof.
Homer Tien, Assoc. Prof.
Lorraine Tremblay, Asst. Prof.
Frances Wright, Assoc. Prof.

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