Grace, N.

Dr. Noelle Grace
Division of General Surgery
North York General Hospital
4001 Leslie St.
Toronto, ON
M2K 1E1

Tel: 416 756-6223
Fax: 416 756-6853

Dr. Noelle Grace In 2006, Canada’s first female paediatric surgeon, Dr. Noelle Grace, celebrates 25 years of serving children and their families at North York General Hospital. Committed and passionate, Dr. Grace chose a career in paediatric surgery because of her love for children and for being part of a hands-on solution to identify and remedy health problems. On an average day in the operating room, her busy schedule can include between 7 and 9 surgeries and she sees 3,000 patients annually. The paediatric surgical waiting room, Grace’s Place, was named in her honour. After medical school at the University of Western Ontario, she trained in general and paediatric surgery at McGill University. A defining experience was practicing family medicine in Kenya. For Dr. Grace, being a good surgeon means being available when you are needed most. This compassionate physician enjoys picking children up in her arms – providing both comfort and care. Displayed prominently in her office are valued letters from her young patients. Throughout her life, Dr. Grace has felt a strong sense of obligation to use her medical training and skills to her full abilities and to be a role model for other women in surgery. Dr. Grace and her husband Morris Shohet, are the proud parents of two daughters, Tegan, a Rhodes Scholar currently at Yale Law School, and Lara, now working after completing an MBA from Harvard. Her career has been wonderful, she says, and it has been her privilege and pleasure to help so many children.